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Velocity, Epicenter and Girls Rock!

Velocity, Epicenter and Girls Rock!

Girl Rock MTB

At Velocity we like to ride bikes – that’s no secret.  We’re also passionate about getting people outside into creation to have some fun – and if that fun is on bikes all the better!  Our friends at Epicenter Cycling invited us to participate in an event June 6th – the monthly Girls Rock! ride.  Girls Rock! started out locally as a group of women that like to ride and wanted to get other ladies out on the trail and has grown into a big deal, even though they say they’re just “an informal women’s mountain biking group.”  The last few rides have been capped at 80 riders, many of whom are just getting into the sport or want to check it out.

The ride each month is hosted by a different local bike shop or bike industry organization and for the month of June Epicenter is making it happen!  Velocity will be joining the fun by offering a few hours of beginning rider skills instruction to help ladies new to the sport to conquer the basics.

Hop over to the Girls Rock! page to get signed up:

AND cruise on to Facebook to let us know you’ll be there! Facebook

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