3 Goals for “Jesus + Fun!” with Vice President of Programs: Jeremy Bentley

One of the great joys of my job is getting to plan our Family Camps at Mount Hermon.  And as we look at all the things we do, there is a really…

Planned & Ready: Ponderosa’s Summer Theme

Oftentimes at the end of a summer season, people ask me “What does work look like for you during the rest of the year?” I’m not surprised by this question, as Mount…

Construction Updates: January 2022

Last summer, I shared some exciting new construction plans for Mount Hermon’s most used ministry space, Ponderosa Lodge. As we enter into 2022, I would like to give you an update.  The…

Associate Spotlight: The Calbeck Family

Mount Hermon Associates are some of the most wonderful people I know and caring for them is one of the best parts of my calling here at Mount Hermon. If you are…

Mount Hermon: The Path to Peace

Peace is in high demand and low supply these days. Given the monumental cultural, natural and political upheaval we have experienced these past few years, it is no wonder that there is…

3 H’s: Hermon, Hume, Home

I have found the camping world to be full of godly leaders who are not competitive with each other, but are helpful, humble, and Kingdom minded. The three largest Christian camps in…

Master Site Plan Update

Master Site Plan Update: October 2022

We continue to move closer to the finish line on the EIR Process, once finished,…

Ben Morris
Stories of Life Transformation: Camp Impacts Staff
Rafting at Kidder Creek
Master Site Plan Update
Kidder Creek Day Camp 2022
What’s going on at Kidder this summer?
Kidder Creek cabins
It’s not just hiring staff…


Ian and Abi Andridge

Meet Abi and Ian!

Meet Abi and Ian Andridge!  Our newest year round team members. Abi and Ian have…

Master Site Plan Update
The Pool at Redwood Day Camp
Announcing Redwood Day Camp!
Reopening to Overnight Guests
Re-opening for Overnight Guests
We're Hiring!
Rebuilding the Staff Team

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