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Ponderosa Lodge: Construction Update

Ponderosa Lodge: Construction Update

Ponderosa Lodge under construction

Last August we kicked off a huge construction project at Ponderosa Lodge, the largest update to its Lodge and Kitchen areas since its original construction in 1969. Needless to say, we are overdue for an update!

Fall was a flurry of demolition activity. Old roofing was stripped off, rotting columns were cut back, windows were covered, flooring was ripped out, aged industrial kitchen appliances were hauled off, and Ponderosa Lodge took on a whole new look. As winter arrived, so did the wind and rain— thankfully right after the new roofs and gutters were installed and sealed.

If you were to take a walk on site today, you would first notice that the entry courtyard has been trimmed back and cleared. Next, the long walkway from the Forum to the Kitchen has been stripped of its wide roof overhang and beams above as well as its concrete walkway tiles below.

Walking past the office, you would see breezeways have been rebuilt with new skylights and fully enclosed with beautiful tongue and groove siding. Looking through to the pine forest behind, an all new outdoor seating area has been dug out of the hillside, where future guests will share meals and enjoy conversations in God’s creation.

Walking further down, you would notice the Dining Hall is full of brand new stainless steel kitchen appliances and exhaust fans, waiting their turn to be installed. Turning towards the kitchen, fresh concrete and newly framed walls are being plumbed with utility lines and lighting fixtures before being buttoned up and covered so the appliances can move into their new home.

For those of you who are really interested in the nuts and bolts— there are quite a few projects that aren’t as noticeable. Significant drainage work, relocation of utilities, ADA parking, ADA walkways, ADA bathrooms and an added ADA chair lift are just a few improvements.

It’s quite a sight to see so much being done for a facility where God has met so many of us personally. We continue to thank God for a single donor who led the charge and inspired others to follow in stewarding this wonderful ministry site. We can only hope that this push will fortify Ponderosa Lodge’s main lodge area for another 50 years of ministry.

This spring we’ve got a lot of exciting projects on our plate. Various crews will be constructing new upper walkways, pouring new concrete in the main courtyard, installing (more than 200!) new lodge windows and doors throughout, adding new interior flooring, lighting and more. And did I mention all new interior wood stain and exterior paint? All of these efforts need to work in concert with one another and come together in a few, short “weather permitting” months.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have a heart for helping with future Ponderosa Projects. There’s still much to do— including the cabins. Until then, join us in thanking God for His provision and praying that the work ahead goes smoothly so we can ensure Ponderosa Lodge is ready for the next 50 years of ministry.

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