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Renew Redwood: Construction Update

Renew Redwood: Construction Update

Redwood Camp is ONLINE for summer and ready to welcome campers so they can meet Jesus and have some fun!

So what does that mean?

1. Cabins are up – and they look great! They’re new and improved but they still retain the historic Redwood Camp look and feel.

2. Cabin updates are not entirely finished. They’re completely safe and sound for campers, but we still have parts to button up (mostly cosmetic).

3. Cabin bathroom additions won’t be finished this summer. Heavy rains meant we had to prioritize all aspects of construction and it just wasn’t possible to do the job right before campers arrive.

So what’s next?

This fall, when the last campers depart, we’ll pick up right where we left off and finish the job right so the updates last for years to come. It’s thrilling to see our beloved Redwood Camp be prepared for a whole new generation to meet Jesus. Stay tuned!

Has God used Redwood Camp to transform you or someone you love? We need your help for Phase 2. Consider how God might use you to Renew Redwood and donate here.

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