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Summer Staff Highlight: Ayo Agunbiade

Summer Staff Highlight: Ayo Agunbiade

Fuego summer staff highlight

Name: Ayo Agunbiade (Camp Name: Fuego)

Where you are now: I am a recent graduate of Wheaton College in Wheaton Illinois, with degrees in both Environmental Science and Communication. After the summer I am searching for employment; I would love to work abroad, I’m possibly interested in joining the Peace Corps.

Years and roles at Mount Hermon: I have worked at Family Camp as a Day Camp Counselor during the summers of 2017-2019.

Where you’ll be this summer: Family Camp! Working with all the awesome counselors and kids at Day Camp!

How has God connected your heart with camp ministry? Mount Hermon was a place where I spent many summers as a child. I was able to spend every summer here and enjoy time with my family and the Lord. I love to be able to give back to a ministry that gave me so much in very formative years of my own life. The opportunity to serve and love each person I meet at Family Camp as God loves them gives me a ton of joy and excites me! I love seeing my campers connect with their families and with God at the same time!

What are you most looking forward to this summer? I am looking forward to the opportunities I have to see what God is going to do through the people I come into contact with during the summer. I am especially excited to learn from my campers because I have found over the years that often times children have a unique ability to love others and see God’s creation purely for the goodness that it is more readily than myself and more “mature” people. Their exuberance and curiosity about life make me love what I do!

How can we pray for you? I would love prayer for my own continued faithfulness in following Christ in all aspects of my life, as well as the ability to fulfill my own duties well and adequately support the people I will be working with, while helping to facilitate camper’s experiences at Day Camp and Mount Hermon as a whole. Additionally, I would ask prayer for the staff to embody Christ in very encounter!

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