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What’s going on at Kidder this summer?

What’s going on at Kidder this summer?

Kidder Creek Day Camp 2022

New Day Camp Program

This year, in March, we were approached by a principal that oversees 4 of the smaller schools in our county about providing summer programming for her students during the summer break. Our vision is that every kid in the county can come to Kidder Creek Camp at some point and so of course we said “yes!”. 

We have had anywhere from 30-45 kids here on a typical day for four weeks and still have two more weeks to come. A normal day has included lots of pond time and games, learning new skills and continuing education. Lessons learned have been about teamwork, collaboration and having strong character. Without camp many of these kids would have been at home on screens, instead they have been at camp having the best
summer ever! 

We also have continued to offer a week of day camp for our local Scott Valley Families and had over 60 kids attend. 

What a blessing to be able to partner with local schools and families to get kids to camp! 

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