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Volunteer Highlight: The Freudenbergs

Volunteer Highlight: The Freudenbergs

The Freudenbergs

Kidder Creek Camp would not be what it is today without the MANY who have served on staff and as volunteers throughout the years.

Mark and Sue Freudenberg joined our team as volunteers in the summer of 2023.

“As retirees, one of our dreams has been to spend a summer volunteering at Kidder Creek.  All three of our children have grown up going to camp here, and also worked on summer staff. This summer it was our turn, so we pulled our
small travel trailer to Kidder Creek and set up camp in the beautiful RV park.

Our main role was to disciple/mentor the summer staff. (And make them coffee!) 

We were blown away by the faith, enthusiasm, and creativity of these young counselors that came from all over the country.  We also served as RV park hosts and helped out with meals where needed. 

How would we describe our whole experience?  LIFE GIVING!  We praise God for the work he is doing at this wonderful camp, and it was a huge blessing to be part of the team.”

Mark and Sue will be back with us in 2024 and we are so grateful for their partnership in the ministry!  Thanks Mark and Sue and to those who will volunteer and serve on staff
this summer!

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