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One Step Closer

One Step Closer

“Camp is full of once-in-a-lifetime experiences that will test your resilience and reliance on God. You will get to do this in a loving and friendly community of fellow campers, counselors, and leaders who will remind you of the things in life that truly matter”.

—Wilderness Camper, Week 1, 2023

Lives Transformed.  That’s what a week at Kidder Creek Camp is all about!  It’s more than just fun, friends, and adventure.  It will be those things but it’s first and foremost a place where campers can explore questions of faith with caring leaders and have their eyes lifted to see the Creator and get Biblical answers to some of life’s BIG questions, such as:

Identity — Who am I?

Belonging — Where do I fit?

Pain — Why does God allow bad things to happen?

Purpose — What difference do I make?

Each year at Kidder, we address one of these “Big Questions” through our Bible study and campfire talks.  These intentional conversations spark further dialogue with our counselors who have the opportunity to point campers back to Christ as they live their lives together, just like Jesus did with His disciples.

Our prayer is that every camper that comes to Kidder will take “one step closer to Jesus.”  We believe that Jesus “came to give us life, and life to the fullest.”  When we start to live like Jesus and think about ourselves and others the way Jesus did, we get closer to the full life that Jesus offers.

So while camp is SUPER FUN, will you join us in praying for all the campers who will be with us this summer and that camp will be an impactful experience?  Please join us in prayer that as we focus on the “things that really matter,” campers will take one step closer to Him, their lives will be transformed, and they will leave camp different and ready to take Jesus with them back to their homes, schools, and communities.

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