Kidder Creek

Summer Staff Needed!

Since we haven’t been able to visit college campuses or ministries this year it’s been…

Kidder’s Ready for Summer!

Kidder Creek is open for ministry! As you read this newsletter Kidder Creek is deep…

Families can come to Kidder!

Last summer since we weren’t able to host overnight programs at Kidder Creek we did…

Rafting at Family Adventure Camp

Get Outside this Summer with Kidder Creek Family Adventures!

Last summer since we weren’t able to host overnight programs at Kidder Creek we did…

Kidder Creek 2021— What’s the plan?

We’re excited to announce that planning for summer 2021 is underway! Of course, there are…

What’s been going on at Kidder Creek?

Since overnight program ministries weren’t able to happen this last summer due to COVID-19 some…

Kidder Creek Fall Festival

Fall Festival 2020 at Kidder Creek

Did you know that once upon a time our Kidder Creek Camp in Northern California…

Master Site Plan Update

Thank you to many of you who wrote in letters of support during our public…

The Three C’s

Lives transformed at Kidder Creek   Today’s Youth Are In Trouble!   If you have…

Summer 2019 was amazing!

At Kidder Creek this summer we helped over 1,000 campers connect with Jesus through outdoor…

Master Site Plan: Closer to Approval

For decades Kidder Creek has used outdoor adventures to introduce campers to Jesus and inspire…

Building a Zip Line

Building a Zip Line in 6 easy steps

Our new Kidder Creek Zip Line is finished! It’s a thrilling ride that we can’t…

Overcoming moments of fear

Overcoming Moments of Fear

by Mo Bond— Adventure Trip Lead 2018 What is it about Kidder Creek Camp that…

6 Reasons Summer Camp will change your kids' lives

6 Reasons Kidder Creek is Life Changing

by Lauren Sack— Camp Counselor and Lifeguard 2017 & 2018 Summer camp gives God a…

Kidder Creek Zip Line Update

Kidder Creek Zip Line Construction Update

The Kidder Creek Zip Line project is underway with construction scheduled to commence on April 22nd! While fundraising efforts to support this exciting project continue we’ve put the wheels in motion to ensure the zip line is ready to go for campers this summer.

High-Point Experiences

How “High-point” experiences unlock learning Often the way Church works is that the focus is…

Why We Need To Do Hard Things

Kidder Creek has been built upon the belief that doing hard things, alongside other people, reveals the character of a Jesus in profound ways.

How to Plan a Retreat

How to Plan a Retreat

We know you want to connect with your group in a safe place free from distractions and we know how hard it is to get everyone together in one place at one time.

Transform Kidder Creek

We need your help to transform Kidder Creek!

A Life Transformed at Kidder Creek

A Campfire Miracle

Cliff Jumping at Kidder Creek High Adventure Camp

High Adventure Camp

Kidder Creek Adventure Camp is the perfect place for middle school and high school students to develop grit; strength of character.