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New Faces at Kidder Creek

New Faces at Kidder Creek

Kidder Creek Ropes Course

We are excited to announce a few new faces that you might be seeing around Kidder Creek in the future! Read on to meet them and their families:

Galbraith Family


Meet the Galbraith Family
My name is Cody and my wife Katy and I are from Indiana and are parents to two boys, Coen and Truett. I’ve gathered eclectic skills in industries including Diesel Engine Testing, Drafting, Personal Training, and Health Coaching. I will be stepping into the role of Sites and Facilities Manager at Kidder Creek. I’m excited to see how God will leverage my experience in leading teams, investing in the growth of others, and understanding complex systems to benefit His work in Scott Valley.

In 2019, I began feeling a call to shift the way we oriented our lives and schedules, leading me to step away from a ten-year career as a Personal Trainer/Studio Manager. After converting a school bus to a Tiny Home on Wheels, I came to Kidder Creek in April 2020 to work as a Facilities Assistant for the summer. While that summer didn’t turn out as anticipated, we volunteered our time in the summer seasons of 2020 and 2021, during which the culture and community at Kidder Creek profoundly impacted our family.

As our family steps into this opportunity to come alongside the staff and volunteers at Kidder, my main objective is caring for the site and facilities in a way that enables as many campers and families as possible to connect with God, abiding with Him more deeply through his gifts of creation, encouragement, and adventure.
Matson Family
Meet the Matson Family
Hi! I’m Topher. This is my family: Kelly, Parker (5), and Chase (3). I was raised in Northern California in a Christian home where my parents made it a priority to come to camp. I attended Mount Hermon’s Family Camp, Ponderosa Lodge, and numerous camps in the Sierras for youth and men’s retreats.

So it’s no surprise that I spent three wonder-filled summers in college as a camp counselor. In 2018, I started working on the Advancement team at Mount Hermon and visited Kidder Creek for the first time. I fell in LOVE with the Christ-centered program, the splendor of the Scott Valley (with its Marble Mountain Wilderness) and the staff & volunteers that make it the best camp around. I’m hooked, and so is my family.

It’s my joy and honor to support the Kidder Creek team as we rally to see Kidder transform for the next 50 years of ministry. We are thankful for a generation of founders who boldly prayed, asked, and labored to build the camp and ministry we’ve inherited today. Now it’s our turn to step out in faith and inspire future generations to do the same— all for our King!

I can’t wait to meet you and hear your Kidder story! Thank you for being part of God’s story here!
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