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Master Site Plan Update: February 2023

Master Site Plan Update: February 2023

Rafting at Kidder Creek
The Saga continues! We are so excited to be standing at the edge of approval of our Master Site Plan. After 14 years of effort, we are so close to being done.

However, the delays continue. We had hoped to be back at the Board of Supervisors in February, but it appears that will likely be in March. This process has been long and full of delays as we have had to address environmental impact questions that have arisen.

The latest delay is due to some letters that came in at the last minute from an environmental lawyer. We are now tasked with addressing the legal concerns she highlighted, and ensuring the impacts being properly addressed. We have hired a legal team to represent us and help get us over the finish line.

The delays have been plentiful, but we press on! Our efforts today will transform Kidder Creek Camp— and not to mention open the doors for more kids to meet Jesus at camp and set us up for the next 50 years of ministry! Please pray for God’s continued blessing and provision to completion.

If you would like to support this effort and help us get over the finish line, you can go to be a part of the transformation.

Learn more about our Master Site Plan at

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