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Baptisms at Camp!

Baptisms at Camp!

Each summer at Kidder Creek, baptisms are something we are not a stranger to. But during the last two weeks of camp this past summer, we had a stint that was
extra special.

It all started with a church group that was at Kidder for a weekend of family camp. The group was from a church in Yreka, which is only about 25 minutes away from camp. After their morning worship service, they opened up a time for baptisms and the Lord moved many hearts! There were over twenty baptisms that day! Over twenty people saying “YES— I have accepted Jesus as my savior and I want to make a public expression of that today!” There were kids, teens, parents, and grandparents included. It truly was a beautiful and awesome morning!

Fast forward a few days to the end of a Camp Hope week. If you don’t already know about Camp Hope, it is a partnership camp that we run with agencies from around the state that work with kids who have experienced domestic abuse and trauma. On that last day, we were able to baptize six Camp Hope campers and staff members in the pond! Three of the co-counselors baptized that day were originally campers many years ago who have come back to Kidderyear after year. Coming to Kidder is a highlight that they look forward to each year,  not only because of the fun activities, but because of our staff who love them well and lead them to Jesus! Yay God for this partnership! Without it, these campers wouldn’t have made it to Kidder. And without generous donors who give to these camperships, we wouldn’t have the opportunity to minister to these kids who now hope to come back as Kidder Creek Counselors in the future!

Our last story begins a week after the Camp Hope baptisms, during staff appreciation night. This event is meant to celebrate our staff and say thank you to them for partnering with us in doing God’s work.

As we were wrapping up the night, three of our counselors got baptized! God moved deeply in their lives as they served all summer long. They had never been baptized and before leaving camp, wanted to express their faith and commitment to following Jesus!

What an amazing summer full of fun, laughter, friendship, and adventures! What an incredible summer of seeing God work and witnessing lives being transformed! Yay God!

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