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Lives Transformed— One Step Closer to Jesus

Lives Transformed— One Step Closer to Jesus

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Kidder Creek Camp is all about lives transformed!  Everything we do has the sole purpose of seeing children, youth and families become who they were made to be.
We talk about life transformation at camp often and  when we do we talk about “one step stories”.  One step stories are stories of someone taking one step closer to Jesus. More like Jesus! This  is what we were created to do and be!  We were created to be  a reflection of Jesus to the world.  More like Jesus means more love, joy, peace and hope in a world that desperately needs those characteristics.  When we become more like Him, not only are our own lives changed, but the lives of those in our homes, communities and the broader world are changed as well.
One of the biggest ways we see God work in the lives of our campers is through people.  People that give of themselves to lead, teach, serve and give so that others can know Jesus.  Every summer we carry on the  legacy of some great heroes of faith who have faithfully served here at Kidder in the past.
When we say heroes, what do we mean?  Hebrews 11:2 says “Through their faith, the people in days of old earned a good reputation.”  Vs 1 says that faith is just our hope in action, it’s our belief put into action.  This passage goes on to talk about many heroes of faith.   Men and women who took one step closer to Jesus and with each step they followed and obeyed His word through faith.
Bill and Suzi are one of the founding couples of Kidder Creek Camp. They and their family have been an integral part of this ministry from the very beginning.. They have been a key part of what God is doing in the lives of campers and staff each summer for over 44 years!
From leading the first backpacking trip into the Marbles in 1977 to the weekly leading of our staff Bible Study on Sunday afternoons this past summer, Bill mentored and encouraged so many Kidder staff and campers over the years. Bill’s heart for ministry and others could  be seen in his love of adventure and creation and teaching God’s word all in the context of relationship.
Bill went to be with the Lord recently and in January we were able to celebrate the life of a hero of the faith and a camp legend.  A man that we could follow after as He followed Jesus.
Someone passing always makes you stop and think.   How am I taking those steps toward Jesus in my own life?  How am I becoming more like Him?  In doing so, you will help those around you take steps closer to Jesus as they see Christ in you.
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