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3 Goals for “Jesus + Fun!” with Vice President of Programs: Jeremy Bentley

3 Goals for “Jesus + Fun!” with Vice President of Programs: Jeremy Bentley

One of the great joys of my job is getting to plan our Family Camps at Mount Hermon.  And as we look at all the things we do, there is a really simple equation that we use to create the experience for all ages and that is “Jesus + Fun”!  We’ve found that fusing God’s word and truth with fun, unique experiences has proved over the years to be a really effective equation for people of all ages to grow closer to the Lord.
A second element that we are focused on when creating the family camp program is creating experiences that families of all ages can participate in together.  We’ve learned that often times those are the experiences that families treasure, when kids, parents, and grandparents can do something fun and unique together!  It is those experiences that bond them together and provide a foundation for even deeper relationships within their family.
So ultimately, we have 3 goals for what all families, no matter their makeup, would experience when they come to family camp.
  • That they would come to a deeper understanding of how much God loves them through relevant, age specific biblical teaching
  • That they would build lifelong memories by participating in fun and unique camp experiences that bond them together
  • That they would be able to have intentional spiritual conversations that strengthen the spiritual bond in their family.  And that they would be able to not only do that at camp, but would be able to take that home with them.
We look forward to seeing you at Family Camp soon!
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