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Why This Generation Matters

Why This Generation Matters

Why This Generation Matters

Young adults today can get a bad rap. I’ve read that they’re pampered by their parents, that they place too high of expectations on others, that they aren’t afraid to question those in authority, that they are plugged into their technology more than to each other, and that they don’t stay in their jobs for very long. Maybe true of some, but not all, and certainly not of most young adults who choose to call Mount Hermon their home as summer staffers.

As I enter my fifth summer on staff at Mount Hermon I am excited about our summer staff! These young adults descend upon our four ministry sites with energy, fun, hard work, a heart and love for kids, and a desire to make a difference for Jesus. They’ve proven to have a teachable spirit, respect for authority, and a commitment to be part of a team. I’ve seen these things to be true four summers in a row, and I know this will true for summer 2019.

When I speak to our summer staff for their commissioning service in mid-June I will be sharing from 1 Timothy 4:12, the verse that meant the most to me in my young adult years. It is from the Apostle Paul who writes to a young pastor named Timothy, a young adult who Paul was mentoring in the ministry. Paul says to Timothy,

“Let no one despise you for your youth, but set the believers an example in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith, in purity.” (1 Timothy 4:12)

Paul tells Timothy that the way to get people to take you seriously as a young adult is to be an example worth following, and he gives Timothy five specific ways to be an example:

SPEECH – in what you say (and don’t say)
CONDUCT – in how you behave
LOVE – in how you treat others
FAITH – in how you trust God
PURITY – in how you stay morally clean

Our summer staffers become bigger-than-life heroes to the kids and youth they minister to at all four sites – Kidder Creek, Ponderosa Lodge, Redwood Camp and Conference Center. They are instructors by their life example to impressionable children and youth who want to be just like them. I’m so grateful to be able to say that our summer staffers – although not perfect – are young adults who are truly examples in the words they say, in the ways they behave, in how they love, in their faith in God, and in their choices to follow Him in purity. It’s truly inspiring to watch! One of the favorite parts of my job is viewing these young adults in action, serving Jesus and others with their lives. The future looks bright in their hands.

I can tell you this, our summer staffers are examples to me. Please pray for them. And – if you’re around this summer – get to know them, encourage them, and thank them. These young adults are making a difference for eternity!

Hope to see you soon. With love and gratefulness,

Mike Romberger

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