Reopening to Overnight Guests

Re-opening for Overnight Guests

In a little over a month Mount Hermon will officially re-open our campus and welcome…

Mount Hermon August 2020 Fire Update

August 2020 Fire Recap

The past two weeks of the CZU Lightning Complex Fire have been a complete whirlwind.…

Redwood Camp cabin updates

Redwood Camp Update— February 2020

After an amazing summer of ministry at Redwood Camp the renovation of the Redwood Camp…

Update: Ponderosa got a new lawn!

Ever since the start of the California drought several years ago we’ve had a hard…

Renew Redwood: Construction Update

Redwood Camp is ONLINE for summer and ready to welcome campers so they can meet…

Building a Zip Line

Building a Zip Line in 6 easy steps

Our new Kidder Creek Zip Line is finished! It’s a thrilling ride that we can’t…

Kidder Creek Zip Line Update

Kidder Creek Zip Line Construction Update

The Kidder Creek Zip Line project is underway with construction scheduled to commence on April 22nd! While fundraising efforts to support this exciting project continue we’ve put the wheels in motion to ensure the zip line is ready to go for campers this summer.