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Update: Ponderosa got a new lawn!

Update: Ponderosa got a new lawn!

Ever since the start of the California drought several years ago we’ve had a hard time getting grass to grow on the Ponderosa Forum lawn, and even now that the drought is over no amount of watering could keep this area looking green and fresh. It surprises many people to learn that Ponderosa Lodge is our most heavily used facility, hosting guests all but about three weeks out of the year. Between summer programs, Outdoor Science School, and guest groups the forum lawn area was in need of a refresh.

We considered several options for this area including permeable pavers, recovering with sod, and artificial turf. We wanted an inviting area for youth and adults to gather that would be welcoming and safe for years to come. We also wanted people to be able to play in this space since it’s between the pool and beach volleyball courts – a natural recreation area.

So now for summer 2019 we’re thrilled to announce the new forum lawn! Using new and improved synthetic turf makes for a space that’s always green and inviting, requires little maintenance or water, and will look years into the future. We were able to make this happen with the help of generous donors who help us ensure every guest has a great experience at Mount Hermon, distraction free, so they can meet Jesus. We’re thrilled that Ponderosa summer campers will get to experience this renewed area of the lodge and we also look forward to Outdoor Science School campers using it all year long!

New Forum Lawn

Thanks to everyone who was involved in making this project a reality, and if you’re interested in other ways you can support youth programs at Mount Hermon you can learn more here.

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