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Redwood Camp Update— February 2020

Redwood Camp Update— February 2020

Redwood Camp cabin updates
After an amazing summer of ministry at Redwood Camp the renovation of the Redwood Camp Cabins recommenced in October. The relatively dry weather we’ve enjoyed this winter has meant that construction has been able to proceed without dreaded rain delays!
Redwood Camp Cabins
Even though we were able to use the cabins last summer there is more to accomplish in bringing this project to a close, namely, electrical, insulation, lighting and bathrooms. Here’s what’s happened so far:
  • Each bunk bed has been tagged for its location and moved into secure storage for the winter.
  • The wall coverings were removed so that…
    • Electrical could be installed
    • Insulation could be installed
  • Wall coverings are now going back in AND
  • Bathrooms are underway! (Photos coming in the next update!)
Thank you so much for your continued prayers and financial support to make these renovations a reality. We know how important this ministry is to you and these renewals will secure Redwood Camp as a vital ministry space for decades to come!
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