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Kidder Creek Zip Line Construction Update

Kidder Creek Zip Line Construction Update

  • Kidder Creek is getting a new zip line! Check out how the project is going.
Kidder Creek Zip Line Update

The Kidder Creek Zip Line project is underway with construction scheduled to commence on April 22nd! While fundraising efforts to support this exciting project continue we’ve put the wheels in motion to ensure the zip line is ready to go for campers this summer.

We’re partnering with Synergo, a professional vendor member with the Association of Challenge Course Technology, to layout the new zip line and help us with the installation. Last weekend we met with Erik Marter, their chief designer and owner, and explored the Kidder Creek property to find the best spot for our new zip line. Our goals were to find a spot that allowed us to:

  • have a fun, long, fast zip line
  • relatively easy access
  • highlight the scenery and natural beauty of Kidder Creek
  • have two campers zip at once

After lots of survey work, soil and tree analysis we were able to meet the first three of our objectives by laying out a zip line that traverses from Trinity Ridge across to Chapel Hill and zips over 700ft long! For comparison our longest zip line currently at Mount Hermon is on the Redwood Canopy Tour and clocks in at 440ft.

Unfortunately our desire to build a tandem zip line was literally dashed upon the rocks – the huge number of rocks in the soil that is! A tandem zip line would require us to dig and place four poles and eight guy wire anchors several feet deep in the earth and all the viable locations are so full of rocks that digging is impossible without huge earth-moving machines. Instead, we’ve designed a beautiful and long single zip line using big Douglas Fir and Ponderosa Pine trees as the support structures that will incorporate “tree-house” style platforms for a unique and long zip line. We’re excited to be able to offer this literal “high-point” experience to campers this summer!

Construction starts April 22nd and it’s not too late to participate in the zip line project by:
1. Giving to the zip line! Give Here >> 
2. Praying for the project and the campers that will ride it this summer
3. Suggesting a name for the new zip line (watch our social media posts!)

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