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Construction Updates: January 2022

Construction Updates: January 2022

Last summer, I shared some exciting new construction plans for Mount Hermon’s most used ministry space, Ponderosa Lodge. As we enter into 2022, I would like to give you an update. 

The work planned at Ponderosa Lodge is really two projects. Project one is a complete overhaul and renovation of the kitchen. Project two includes major repairs and upgrades to the lodge as well as site improvements and drainage work. 

The kitchen has served us well for over 52 years, putting out countless thousands of meals, but its life is over. Similarly after all these years, the movement of sand and earth behind the lodge is causing ongoing drainage and flooding issues which have to be addressed in addition to reconstructing the roof line to eliminate the ever-problematic flat roofs. We eagerly await the completion of these needed projects to launch forward for the next 50 years of youth ministry at this strategic ministry location.

So where are we at so far? 

The ongoing pandemic, supply chain shortages, and rapidly increasing costs have been challenging to say the least. We now understand that the earliest we can expect to have permits from the County of Santa Cruz is the end of February.

With that in mind, our new plan is to reopen Ponderosa Lodge for summer ministry and postpone the kitchen project until the conclusion of summer programs in August. This enables us to welcome back campers this summer! 

Regarding the other lodge and site improvements, as soon as permits are issued we will be underway to complete as much of the work prior to the arrival of our campers in June and then return to work following summer. Most importantly in all of our planning, we are committed to have this site ready for an exciting return to summer ministry at Ponderosa. 

So how can you pray for this project?

Ask God for guidance as we move forward in contract and for timely work so we can fully reopen Ponderosa Lodge. Thank God for a donor who continues to encourage us with interest and financial provision for this project. Our initial plans were to have everything wrapped by this summer, but we trust that God is ultimately taking care of His ministry here and will provide what is needed to accomplish His will.

Thank you for your interest and prayers in this worthy project. We are excited to give you updates as things continue! 


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