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Associate Spotlight: The Calbeck Family

Associate Spotlight: The Calbeck Family

Mount Hermon Associates are some of the most wonderful people I know and caring for them is one of the best parts of my calling here at Mount Hermon. If you are reading this article, the odds are you may be a part of this very special family. Our Associates are those who give $1000 or more each year to our Mount Hermon Annual Fund. Thank You! 

But, the heartbeat behind their giving is to support the ongoing, essential and sometimes non-glamorous things that need to be done at Mount Hermon so we can continue to share the love of Jesus with all those we possibly can. 

Associates pray for this ministry and God’s work here and they share with others all about this wonderful place they know and love.

Associates come in all kinds of packages: young, old or somewhere in between, couples or singles, those who are brand new to Mount Hermon or those who have been coming for generations…we are exceedingly grateful for each one of them. 

Many faithful ones have been with us for over 20 years. The need for younger individuals, couples and families who love and believe in the ministry of Mount Hermon is great. Those, whose lives have been renewed, restored and transformed by their experience here. 

A beautiful example of just such a family are my dear friends, Brian and Annie Calbeck, along with their beautiful children, River, Archer, and Bear.

Here is just a small piece of their story and heart for Mount Hermon: 

What was your introduction to Mount Hermon?

We both grew up going to Mount Hermon as kids. Brian attended church retreats and Redwood Camp while Annie grew up going to Family Camp and served on Day Camp staff for two summers in a row (Pixie, ‘07, ‘08). Annie’s parents met as counselors at Ponderosa and so it feels so special to think about where it all began.

What is Mount Hermon to you?

We love Mount Hermon for its natural beauty as well as the time it provides for us to focus on the Creator of it all. There is truly something holy about that place. It feels set apart, slower, quieter, a true respite for the soul and a place to retreat, to slow down and listen. Listen to the Holy Spirit. We always leave Mount Hermon feeling encouraged, filled up, ready to face the day to day again putting Christ right back where He belongs, at the forefront of it all.

What is your prayer for Mount Hermon’s future and ministry?

We’re excited to be a part of Mount Hermon’s legacy so future campers get the chance to encounter Jesus. We pray that Mount Hermon would always uphold the truth of our Jesus found in the Holy Scriptures and that this truth would continue to set people free.

Annie and Brian are Associates because their experience here has changed them and Mount Hermon became a foundational part of their family’s life along with their extended family. 

Thank you to each of you who share a life-changing story and have chosen to be part of our Associates family. If you share this same love of Mount Hermon and would like to be an Associate, we would love to welcome you and I thank you in advance! 

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