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Mount Hermon Alumni Update

Mount Hermon Alumni Update

Greetings Alumni!

Sunday night September 26 John Fischer and Noel Paul Stookey of Peter, Paul and Mary, did a Concert at Mount Hermon. It was a winner!

John Fischer worked several summers on Staff at Mount Hermon. John led in Worship at Ponderosa Lodge for several years and provided a platform for new worship styles for High School students. He wrote several songs while he was on Summer Staff and they became favorites with the campers and went on to become favorites all over the country.

I was most impressed with John as an evangelist. He had campers lined up outside his door most days to learn more about Christ and so many campers at Ponderosa Lodge in the early days would trace their beginnings in walking with Christ to John Fischer.

In a recent blog post, John talks about this a little bit and I thought it would serve to remind and encourage you about your service here on Summer Staff too! If you want to hear more from John Fischer you can follow the links in this posting.

Warmly in Christ,

Ron Demolar

Last Sunday night I had the opportunity to take part in a concert at Mount Hermon Christian Conference Center, a camp nestled in the towering redwoods north of Santa Cruz, California where I spent a good deal of time ministering in the early days of my career. The fact that I was sharing the evening’s offering of music with folk legend, Noel Paul Stookey, only added to the magical nature of the event for me. And though there were so many facets of the experience worth writing about, the highlight for me turned out to be in the people who came, manifested by those I met afterwards. [Click to read the rest of the article.]

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