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Mark & Joan

Mark & Joan

Part of the family…that’s Mark and Joan Folden. They have left their fingerprints all over Mount Hermon both literally and figuratively.  Chances are you may have met them

Mark shares their story:

“I grew up attending Mount Hermon as a teenager.  Early on in our marriage, we began to attend couples conferences and family camp with the children and renting cabins through Mount Hermon.  A few years later, we were able to purchase a cabin of our own. This allowed us to spend even more time at Mount Hermon. Our children were able to attend multiple day camps while we enjoyed the adult teaching. A favorite time was Sunday morning Bible study with Roger Williams. It didn’t take long to realize this would be our favorite place to spend our time. 

We began volunteering about 12 years ago, starting out ushering and collecting tickets at the Saturday night concerts. Over time our involvement increased to include ‘hosting’ a donut table during the summer coffee breaks, serving as door greeters to the dining hall, table setters, and helping serve the guests at the Sunday night barbecues.  We also enjoy working in the auditorium during the summer and Christmas concerts.  We love interacting with the guests as we greet people, collect tickets, and help with seating. 

For a number of years we did ‘airport runs’, picking up speakers and musicians during the summer.  We enjoyed having these people captive in our car for the hour it took to drive over the hill.  Great memories and friendships resulted from those experiences.

One of our favorite times is meeting the guests each week throughout the campus, greeting them, remembering their names and talking with them about their lives. Connecting with people we come to know brings an instant smile.

Being part of the volunteer family allows us to have a closer relationship with those we serve and work with. We have made lifelong friends and have had the joy of celebrating events of happiness as well as caring and praying for other volunteers as we go through challenging times.

When we first heard about Mount Hermon’s Associates in Ministry, we had a heart tug knowing we wanted to participate.  The Associates in Ministry Celebration each year, including the Friday morning prayer time, has become the highlight of our Mount Hermon experience.  We strongly believe in the Redwood Society. We know that leaving a financial legacy to Mount Hermon will help continue the mission of ‘Lives Transformed’ for many years to come.

We feel abundantly blessed having an opportunity to serve at Mount Hermon.”


Mark and Joan are a beautiful example of the faithful friends that help make Mount Hermon so special. They love and care for our guests and staff so generously. Thank you to Mark and Joan, thank you to our volunteers and thank you to our Associates. Mount Hermon would not be the same without you! 

By Kerry Phibbs
Advancement Team

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