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Family Camps Around the Corner

Family Camps Around the Corner

It seems impossible Family Camps are here again. . . and sure to be filled with lots of excitement, great community, sharing, learning and meaningful family times.

Your kids will feel safe here and love being on their own getting to Day Camp, enjoying the fieldhouse game room or gym, or running down the Sequoia Trail to Bean Creek.  What better place to live out traditions that will last a lifetime?  What better models for your children than the 20-something counselors who love Jesus and hug on your kids all day long?  Those relationships will last many years!  Count on it.

Pancake Breakfast anyone?  Who doesn’t love the strawberries and whipped cream piled high on a stack while the sea mist kisses your face.   And you can always count on sun during the day — and that wonderful cool at night.    This is paradise at it’s best!  Can’t beat the weather at Mount Hermon!  Sleep always feels so good after a exciting day at camp.

Our Bible teachers promise great times in the Word, and worship leaders will lead you into the throne room of God.  We expect you won’t easily forget the things He points out to you while you’re in this sacred space.

And fun . . . there’s always fun at Mount Hermon.  Train ride to the boardwalk, roasted marshmallows squishing out of graham crackers, melting the chocolate in your smores, family team games on the meadow, skits, costume dinner on Friday evening, Big Dad’s Splash at the pool, challenging ropes courses and the wonderfully exciting Canopy Course in the tops of the gorgeous redwood trees.  “Birds eye view” takes on a whole new meaning from up on a platform.  Don’t miss it.

We staff are all excited to have you join us at “our place”, knowing that God will meet you here.  Besides, we want to “love on you”, so hurry and get here.  We’ve prepared the place for you and the door’s wide open!

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