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What would you give to have your masculine heart come fully alive?

What would you give to have your masculine heart come fully alive?

Men's Boot Camp

In order for a man to get his heart back, he’s got to take a journey. One that involves risk, danger, and a point of no return. The Mount Hermon Wild at Heart Boot Camp, is based upon the lifestyle described in the book Wild at Heart, by John Eldridge. A Boot Camp Weekend at Mount Hermon is a quest into the recovery of the masculine soul. It is an honest, no holding back trek into the deep passions and desires of a man’s heart, into the healing of the wounds he’s taken in life, into the realm of fatherhood, sex, marriage and God—life as it was meant to be lived by a man.

We can tell you lots of things about this weekend, but what’s more powerful are some of the testimonies we received after our Boot Camp last fall:

You do not know how life changing this weekend was for me! Thank you! I came to this retreat by God’s grace alone. I grew up in the church. I started attending church regularly during fourth grade was baptized in grade school, not much of a story. I have been to several Men’s Retreats/Conferences and never felt God like I did this weekend. Saturday night wrecked me. Saturday night: The call to confession. I don’t usually get out of my seat to come to the front when called. I always figured I can talk to God at my seat. This time, I got up. I got to share my baggage with Adam (one of the team leaders).

Another God thing, as Adam is my son’s name. I opened up my bag and shared all my wounds and my sin with my son who came with me to the retreat. I spoke the words after 30 or more years of keeping that bag shut from everyone. Opening that bag and unpacking it, bringing it into the light, generated a wave of freedom and feeling the presence of God, really for the first time I can remember. There was FREEDOM! I felt chains release. Tears flowing down my face. I have not cried like that since I was a teen. God was there healing me and beginning to restore me. Please thank the men who spoke at this conference. Their authenticity and ability to share their stories and failures was incredible and helped me to risk opening up about my struggles.

On the way home from the conference, I was able to share everything about my past with my son. I was able to be transparent with him, so he knows who his father is. Tears and emotions were released again during this time. I apologized for the wounds I inflicted on him growing up and he forgave me. Now the hard part: When I got home and told my wife about this weekend I could not stop crying. I had buried my emotions for so long and locked them away, she has never seen emotion like that from me in the 22 years we have been married.

I’m looking for a band of brothers now at my church because I don’t want to go back to where I was. If there is not a group I can join, I will start one. I don’t ever want to go back. I plan on attending the next Men’s Boot Camp, hopefully with my son again. I want to encourage you to keep doing this. It was amazing. I told myself this was going to be a good weekend for my son and I would support him by showing up. God decided it was going to be a weekend to heal my brokenness and draw closer to Him. Thank you!!

Here’s another:

Boot Camp was a GIANT success for myself and the small group I brought there. I am certain that the lives and marriages of these men were changed. In fact, I have already had some communication with 2 of the wives, and they have great praises, (trying to thank me) but it’s not me that can change lives, it’s only Jesus. He did a marvelous work in me by letting me experience homelessness. Many nights I would stay awake and just wonder if there was ANY hope for me. My wife never became that discouraged, her faith kept me alive! But through Boot camp I became aware that there was actually hope. Boot camp put this train back onto the tracks after a serious derailment. It was the tool that God used to free me from my self afflicted despair.

Through you, this experience, I became the man God wanted me to be for so many years. My self denial, posing and accepting the wounds as all my fault, I created my own prison and felt secure within that prison. I can not repay what Christ did for me, nor can I repay what your efforts resulted in. But I can only carry the torch a short distance, and I aspire to be as tough as you. My small group of men is growing. Their wives are beginning to see changes in them, their children also see changes. I, a former homeless man have gained respect and acceptance in this church, simply because I am no longer phoney, I simply tell the truth. My wife has seen such a change in me she is blown away! our relationship is totally different, we fell in love again!

The Son is shining and the flowers begin to bloom. Don’t give up the fight. We are with you all the way!

This weekend experience could be the perfect experience for you or your men’s group. Sign up for Boot Camp at Mount Hermon, today!

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