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“Hang in, Hold on, and Keep Walking”

“Hang in, Hold on, and Keep Walking”

Do you remember when Abraham took Isaac on that trip to Moriah where God had told him to sacrifice his son?  Well, that road had to be the loneliest, longest, darkest, most confusing road that he had ever walked before.  Abraham did not have his act totally together.  Remember how he lied to Sarah?  Even though he had his faults, Abraham just hung on to his faith and kept walking.  Abraham’s faith did not mean that he should not have doubts or questions.  But, it did mean that he had to be obedient.

Economic turmoil, job loss, political unrest, health issues, fractured relationships—uncertainty and fear may be closing in on you or those you love.  So, if you’re on your own personal walk on the road to Moriah, hang in, hold on, and keep walking.  This is not the time to grow faint but to stay your course.

I encourage you to reflect on the role the myriad of ministries at Mount Hermon play in the lives of thousands of men, women, boys, girls and teens every year!

May you feel the warmth of God’s arms around you as you focus on Him.

J.R. Loofbourrow, Mount Hermon Director of Advancement

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