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Intern Update :: Week of March 14

Intern Update :: Week of March 14

Hey MH interns!

Here is the pertinent info for the next couple of weeks:

  • This Wednesday you have your all-day camp visit.  You will leave as a group right after staff prayer. Make sure to bring lunch money as you will be stopping to eat between camp tours.  You won’t be back until later in the afternoon.
  • There is coaching this Thursday and Friday so make sure you do your homework from last week.  This means you Sam, Kevin and Bart!!
  • This Thursday night, March 17th is dinner at the Talbott’s house for the program team interns.  The remaining interns will be eating at the Talbott’s on Monday, March 21st.  Be there at 5:30.  We need to reschedule the night I am cooking you dinner because that was supposed to be on the 21st.
  • We will meet at my house again this Thursday from 3-5 as rain is in the forecast yet again!
  • Keep up the amazing work!  Mount Hermon is blessed to have you on staff.

Let me know if you have any questions.


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