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Introducing Craig Thompson, Associate Director of Kidder Creek

Introducing Craig Thompson, Associate Director of Kidder Creek

We are also delighted to announce that Craig Thompson of Etna has accepted the position of Associate Director. Craig accepted the Lord at Kidder Creek when he was about eleven years old. Since then the camp has played an integral role in his life, with each major decision and his personal and spiritual growth all interwoven with experiences there.

Craig served as a river guide before he was old enough to be on summer staff, and then on summer staff while he attended Azusa Pacific University. After college he spent two years as an intern and program director, hiring and overseeing the summer staff. In that capacity he hired his now wife, Jen, to be the Ranch Program Director, and the rest is history.

Craig and Jen own and run an organic farm near Kidder Creek called Rockside Ranch, where they raise meat chickens and pigs. This ranch is more than meets the eye, as in addition to the farm operation, it serves as a purposeful context to intervene in the lives of young men who are at a critical transition point in their lives.

Craig and Andy have developed a great friendship and working partnership already. Their complementary gifts, passions and professional experience will make them a dynamic team as we move into the future at Kidder Creek.

Please pray for both Andy and Craig and their families as they adjust to their new roles at Kidder Creek.

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