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Meet Kidder Creek’s New Horses

Meet Kidder Creek’s New Horses

We have 9 new horses joining us for this summer.

Meet the new additions to our herd:


“Kash” is a Quarter Horse gelding who is mellow, kind and has spend many hours in the mountains.  He is ready to take kids on trail rides!

“Remy” is a handsome chocolate colored Quarter Horse gelding with really cool eyes.  His prior owner says he has a lot of “cow” in him. He will be perfect to move calves at Cowboy Camp!   

“Blue” is a Blue Roan Quarter Horse mare who is very sensitive and kind. She is a fast learner and a willing partner.  


This Appaloosa gal, “Bow”, has already been on a few trail rides and is ready for camp to start!  

“Cisco” is a Quarter Horse gelding who loves to eat and just hang out with his mares.  Won’t take him long to get in the Ranch Camp groove!

“Luna” is a Missouri Fox Trotter mare and she will teach campers what it feels like to ride a gaited horse. What a really cool opportunity!

Is this mare beautiful or what?  “Star” is a Leopard Appaloosa who is just as sweet as she is beautiful!


“Tango” is such a cool guy! He is a Mustang off the Nevada Range.  He was originally started by inmates at the correctional facility in Susanville, CA.  Tango has also spent many hours in the mountains and is ready to trail ride!

This gelding has a horsenality as big as Texas!  “Toby” is a Haflinger gelding who likes to “talk” to anyone who will listen.  He’s such a character and is tons of fun to play with and ride!

Don’t just meet these great new Kidder horses through pictures, come meet them and hang out with them at one of our Ranch Programs this summer at Kidder Creek Ranch Camp.

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