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Introduction John and Ann Jenks

Introduction John and Ann Jenks

Hundreds of lives were touched and transformed by the Holy Spirit this past summer, PTL! Thank you for truly being part of our ministry family. Your prayers and support enabled many new brothers and sisters to meet the Lord.

A couple of years ago when Ron Demolar retired, I began prayerfully seeking someone to fill his spot. I’m thrilled to announce that those prayers were answered when John W. Jenks joined our Advancement Team in August!

John and his wife Ann have a rich Mount Hermon story. John accepted Jesus as his personal savior at Redwood Camp when he was 11. He and Ann met while serving on summer staff in 1977 and their two sons, Jason and Brian, also served on summer staff years later, at both Redwood Camp and Day Camp. John’s extended family has been attending Mount Hermon Family Camps together for over 60 years.

After 24 years as the lead pastor at Cascade Covenant Church in North Bend WA, John and Ann felt the Lord calling them to make a change in 2013. That began a journey that culminated in John’s joining our Advancement ministry team this past summer. John says: “Ann and I both have a strong sense of God’s personal calling to Mount Hermon at this time. I’m praying God will use my faith, service and life to encourage many people to participate in and support the exciting things He is doing at Mount Hermon.”

Please join us in welcoming John  to our Advancement Team at:

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