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Testimony From a Military Family

Testimony From a Military Family

We received this report from a military family attending one of Mount Hermon’s Family Camps. Many donors and churches have made it possible for Mount Hermon to offer an ‘all expenses paid’ week of family camp to several military families. Here is this family’s grateful response:


L. and I are back at home now, and want to say how sincerely thankful we are for our week at Mount Hermon. It was a tremendous blessing to our family, as the Lord fed our souls as well as our bodies, and we bonded as a family. The week of family camp is precisely what I believe redeployers and their families need, in order to reconnect following our extended separation. Our current deployment cycles really place unbelievable strains on our military families. Although the military acknowledges this strain and does what it can to support deployed personnel and their families, they can’t do it alone. I really appreciate all that Mount Hermon is doing to facilitate that.

The staff there at Mount Hermon were excellent. No matter where they worked – the Fountain, Dining Hall or Book Shop – they were all very friendly and eager to serve. Your Day Camp staff stole the hearts of my two younger kids, and even my 14 year-old made positive comments about those leading in the HS group (it’s hard to get him to comment at all at times!).

The scholarship was a tremendous blessing to us, Dave. L. commented that when we get “free” offers, usually that means we get the “economy” version of whatever’s offered. Not so at Mount Hermon! The accommodations were excellent! We were overwhelmed with gratefulness!

If we could write a personal, handwritten note to those who contributed on behalf of military families, we’d do it. They have given sacrificially to support the families of our men and women in service to our country, and should know what a blessing they are to us. I know they don’t give to be thanked (we don’t serve our country SO THAT we get thanked, either), but they are priceless.

Thanks again, brother!

In Him,


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