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A Summer Filled With Grace

A Summer Filled With Grace

This summer of ministry may be among the most dramatic in Mount Hermon’s history. Each week hit the mark, revealing to families the very life of Christ, and bringing to life the truth of our Family Camp theme: “Sunk Without Grace!” The Lord honored His Word as all summer people attentively “fixed their eyes on Jesus.”

People come to Mount Hermon confident their souls will be impacted with life-changing biblical Truth, and each week delivered deep, personal connections with the God of Grace. There were “only-God” moments of eye-opening, soul-satisfying understanding of our God who loves to love, who lives to redeem, and who works to complete us in His Son. People confessed and relinquished to Jesus areas of personal unbelief. Lives transformed—indeed!

Especially gratifying was young people sharing a clear understanding of grace learned at Day Camp—like Joshua: “This week I learned from the prodigal son and the older son how we grow closer to God. Both missed what God wanted, but God gave them grace. That’s how I got lifted up, getting grace.” And Jason: “First of all Mom and Dad, I’m so thankful you brought me here. I’ve had a great time. I’ve learned how grace works everything in our life and how we are sunk without it.” Doesn’t that say it all?

God works mightily at Mount Hermon, and we here are rejoicing in His sovereign purpose to transform lives, families and churches. Come and make it your purpose to grow in God’s grace at a Family Camp week next summer.


Roger Williams is President and CEO of Mount Hermon. He and wife Rachel are in their 20th year of ministry at Mount Hermon. Together they thank the thousands of you who are praying for Roger’s continued battle with cancer. 

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