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Always: A Life Transformed at Ponderosa Lodge

Always: A Life Transformed at Ponderosa Lodge

In life, we face many of our fears. As we follow Jesus, He doesn’t say that our fears will go away or that life will be easy. Instead, He gives us the hope and strength to face those fears with Him. 

We can face our fears not because we’re strong enough, but because we believe that God is with us always. In studying key moments of David’s life, we see that he is an example of how we can choose to respond when we face our fears. We’re not enough, but Jesus is. By believing this truth rather than giving in to our fears, we can come to know that God is with us always in all ways.

Have you ever taken time to think about what it’s like to be a teenager in today’s world? Students are facing pressures and situations that previous generations never dreamed of. In this formative time of life they are asking questions like “Who am I?” and “What is my place in the world?” What better place to get answers to those questions than at camp?

For many students, a week at Ponderosa Lodge is a pivotal moment in their lives. This summer, our theme is ALWAYS, emphasizing that God is always with us in every circumstance. By examining the life of David, campers see how God is always with us, even in times of fear, doubt, and confusion.

There are so many stories of God working powerfully in the lives of Ponderosa campers this summer, and Jordan’s story, as told by his counselor, is an incredible example of what God can do in a student’s life in just one week:

Last week I had a sophomore camper named Jordan. Jordan was quiet at the beginning of the week, and told me that he didn’t really know what he believed about God. In fact, he didn’t even know if God was real. As the week went on Jordan began to open up. Our theme this summer is teaching students that God is always with us. Through the skits, activities, and sermons, campers keep hearing that truth. No matter what, God is always with them! One of the days campers learn that even in the unknown, God is ALWAYS with us.

On Thursday we spent some time alone in silence with God, and then got back together as a group. We went around in a circle sharing what we had been thinking about during our alone time, and Jordan told us, “Even though I didn’t believe in God when I came to camp, now I understand who God is and I want to solely believe in Him.” I was amazed! In just a few days Jordan went from not even knowing if he believed in God, to giving his life to Him!

Praise God! Please join us in praying for Jordan as he begins his journey with Jesus, and for the hundreds of other young campers who have given their lives to Christ this summer!  


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