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Teen Track Growing Already for 2010 Writers

Teen Track Growing Already for 2010 Writers

Today I had a phone call from a Christian school teacher who is already planning on bringing her journalism class to the Teen Track at the Spring Writers Conference!!!! I’m so excited. She is planning on starting the school year off with cupcake sales each Friday to start raising money right out of the shoot! What a great idea. Yeah, Mrs. Thompson!

Are there more folks out there who have connections with Christian school administrators, or English department heads that could so some “word-of-mouth” marketing for us? It would be great to have a whole lot of teenagers here learning along with all us adults, wouldn’t it? If you have any ideas, or can connect me with administrators who might have the authority to let students take the time away from school and perhaps even get credit for it, let me know. Happy to talk with them. My e-mail is or my direct phone is 831-430-1238. Let’s fill the place . . . and gain a huge increase in teens for 2010.

Thanks, and have a great weekend!

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