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Get Your Calling Confirmed and Maybe Even a Book Deal… It Happens!

Get Your Calling Confirmed and Maybe Even a Book Deal… It Happens!

Call me a Mount Hermon addict.

I first came to Mount Hermon Christian Writers Conference in 2003. After three years writing, I needed to know if it was my calling or just a time-consuming hobby. That year I submitted for critique. I was stunned when two authors told me I was writing at a publishable level and encouraged me to submit to editors and agents. I gulped down my fear and did as I was told.

This began a five-year stretch of “good” rejection letters. Each year I went to Mount Hermon and soaked up excellent teaching, learned about the publishing industry, and reveled in the beauty of the redwoods.

In 2008 at Mount Hermon, I submitted to Vicki Crumpton from Revell, and that September, Revell offered me a three-book contract.

At Mount Hermon I got my start, learned about the craft and business of writing, and sold my novel. More importantly, I made deep friendships and heard the voice of God.

I’ll be back this year. I need my fix.

Sarah Sundin’s first novel, A Distant Melody, was released in March 2010 by Revell, the first book in the Wings of Glory series. She lives in northern California with her husband and three children, and she works on-call as a hospital pharmacist. Visit her at

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