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Mount Hermon Changed My Life

Mount Hermon Changed My Life

I didn’t know what to expect when I came to Mount Hermon for the first time last year. I was an inexperienced writer—I had just finished my first novel at seventeen. But my writing mentor, Tricia Goyer, believed that I was ready to attend my first writing conference, praising Mount Hermon as the best available to me.

My mom and I packed our bags and journeyed to California, where we met some amazing, inspiring people who wanted others to succeed as they had. I laughed in the Headstart Clinic with James Scott Bell, played a spy in the Teen Track with John Olson, and met a bunch of incredible people with beautiful life stories. I also met my agent and my current editor, who were both so warm and caring as I learned how to pitch my writing.

I believe everyone who goes there receives something in return. It is truly an experience that I believe anyone, at any age, can benefit from.

Alexa Schnee has always wanted to be a writer. She loves the smell of the bookstore, because nothing in the world smells exactly like it. She enjoys spending time with her family, including her  parents and her sister and brother. She also likes shopping, playing the piano and guitar, and traveling. Her debut novel, Shakespeare’s Lady will be released by Guideposts Fall 2011.

Photo: Tricia Goyer, Alexa, and Alexa’s mom, Lisa.

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