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Mount Hermon Welcomes Cave Dwellers

Mount Hermon Welcomes Cave Dwellers

Semi-neurotic, sometimes needy, socially challenged writers should stay at home. Definitely stay at home. Like in a darkened cave donning flannel PJs and coffee stained tees, only occasionally braving natural light to buy groceries and peer despairingly into mail boxes.


That’s what I used to think. But then I went to the Mount Hermon Christian Writers Conference and my life changed. And I’m talking an I-got-married-had-a-kid-discovered-the-best-bookstore-in-the-land kind of change.


Because of Mount Hermon:

I have confirmation from industry experts that I possess the talent and temperament to make it in ths business.

I can call two of the most talented writers EVER accountability partner and friend.

I have an online support group that encourages, supports and gives me advice daily.

I am a member of two brilliant writers groups that critique me hard and love me well.

I’ve been mentored and befriended by some of Christian publishing’s giants.

I recognized my marketing savvy and help others with promotion—for pay!

And maybe most importantly—I found where I belong. I found family.

I’ve never felt so loved or understood (all while learning about writing and publishing!). And seriously, tuition is way less than the cost of therapy. I hope you’ll brave the light of day for this year’s conference and discover what God has for you. If you do, be sure to find me and say hi. I’ll be the one by the coffee cart trying not to spill.

Cheri Williams writes middle-grade fiction and sometimes-humorous non-fiction for grown ups. You can connect with her at, on Facebook and on Twitter.

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