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Teen Writer Poem about Writers Conference

Teen Writer Poem about Writers Conference

Mount Hermon

I don’t know when I’ve done

Anything that’s more fun

Than attending the conference here.

I just love this place

And somehow by God’s grace

I’ll return again next year.


The meals are so good

I eat more than I should,

I most likely will gain some weight.

But it’s the spiritual food

And the Christ-like attitude

That makes Mount Hermon so good.


Dave Talbott has been our host,

Of many talents he can boast,

Besides that he makes us all laugh.

But the very best part

Is God’s love in his heart

For the conferees and the staff.


I didn’t know I would find

A staff so helpful and kind,

And so willing to supply every need.

A discouraging word

Around here is not heard

Just encouragement that we can succeed.


I’ve not been here before

But I’ve never felt more

Like I’m among all my old friends,

Everyone that I see

Gives a smile to me

I won’t forget them after this conference ends.


Ann Ingermanson, teen writer

April 6-10, 2001


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