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Responses from Writers Conference & Examiner Article

Responses from Writers Conference & Examiner Article

Writers Conference 2010 was an awesome display of God showing up for our guests.  So many talked of what God did in their lives, not just that their projects had been gobbled up by every publisher here (and there were a lot of publishers, editors & agents in attendance).

General sessions were full of great worship times of robust singing, and Charlie Peacock motivated the writers to see beyond the “bubble” of their idea of what is Christian versus Secular.  He urged them to love what God loves, to enjoy it, and write about it.  He encouraged them to give up our writing dreams on the altar of God’s will and see what HE wanted to do with the gifting He’d given each one.

Evaluations from the conference were gratifying to staff, since  putting on a professional conference is a massive amount of work.  Here are a few answers to the question, “Any closing message to Mount Hermon staff?”

  • Thanks to all the people who worked behind the scenes to make the conference so successful.  They are so very important and deserve many kudos.
  • Fabulous!
  • Every general session drew me closer to the Lord.  Dave’s playing on the piano and organ were tremendously uplifting.
  • Full of rich teaching, access to publishers/agents, wonderful networking opportunities.
  • Charlie Peacock was excellent.  His talks could not have been better.  LOVED his insights and piano pieces.  He was wonderful with a deep spiritual center.
  • I’ve been attending Mount Hermon Writers Conference on and off since 1995, and I’ve not only learned the craft of writing and developed my career here, I’ve also experienced meaningful and sweet times with God.  I’ve always sensed the power of prayer ushering us in each year.
  • The staff was the best.  Everyone seemed to be genuinely friendly and helpful.
  • It’s a great experience.  The mentoring program is very valuable.
  • Awesome!  I think my favorite part is the awards evening where peers are noted for their perseverance.  It is encouraging and inspiring.  For those who think they may be interested in the craft of writing, or feel a small stirring of inspiration in encouraging others with the written word, there is no other place I know that can equip them to serve and fulfill their God-given dreams.  Mount Hermon has a long and rich history of bringing the best people in the industry together to come along side of writers who want to learn and perfect their craft.

Among the 331 writers, faculty, and staff who attended this year was journalist Laura Wrede from the San Francisco Examiner.  Her expressed purpose was to attend as much of the conference as she could in order to write several articles about it, encouraging more people from the Bay Area to attend in the future.  The first article came out this Monday and is linked below.  It’s a great piece from the point of view of one of our teens who attended the Teen Writers Track.  Enjoy it. Article: Mount Hermon Writer’s Conference

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