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Strong, Pervasive Presence of God at Writers

Strong, Pervasive Presence of God at Writers

Note from one of this years faculty members, Marlo Schalesky, who represented Power for Living magazine this past week at Writers Conference:

. . .thanks so much for allowing me to come and represent Power for Living….I was able to talk to many conferees who pitched story ideas and seemed eager to go home, write their stories,  and send them in to me.  It was so nice to be able to give encouragement and be an outlet where people could consider publication in a smaller format than books.  Thanks so much for that.

And thanks for the opportunity to teach my two workshops.  What a neat thing to have numerous people come up to me afterward and talk about how what I shared helped them and was just what God needed them to hear.  That was very special to me.  That’s one thing I’ve always noticed about the Mount Hermon Writers Conference–it’s just amazing how God consistently guides each person to the people they need to meet, the workshops they need to attend, the things they particularly need to hear.  I’m always in awe of how strong and pervasive the presence of God is at the MH Writers Conference.  It’s just a beautiful thing to be a part of!

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