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Rachel Marks: 2010 True Grit Award Winner

Rachel Marks: 2010 True Grit Award Winner

Mt. Hermon was the first writer’s conference I ever went to and every year I get to go, it’s like going to my home away from home. The beautiful setting, the friendships, the classes, it feeds my writer’s soul and helps me grow in my craft.

You brainstorm, you connect, and you laugh. And missing it always feels like a huge loss. I’m so thankful to all those who take the time to make the camp such an enlightening and uplifting place.

Thank you, Mt. Hermon Writer’s staff for all you’ve done! I can’t say it enough.

Rachel Marks is an award-winning artist and writer of fantasy/science-fiction for young adults. She has had several short stories published (The Sword Review, Dragons, Knights, and Angels, and AlienSkin) and is attempting to publish her first novel. She worked to start-up the Inspirational Literary E-zine Haruah: Breath of Heaven and worked as managing editor while it got it’s feet planted. She is a member of SCBWI and was privileged to be accepted to and attend Orson Scott Card’s literary boot camp. In 2010 she was awarded the Lauren Beyenhof True Grit Award at the Mount Hermon Writer’s conference.

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