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Writer’s Tip #7: Let the Countdown Begin!

Writer’s Tip #7: Let the Countdown Begin!

If you’re a night owl who regularly watches David Letterman, you know his fondness for lists. So, in deference to my fellow Hoosier (yes, Dave’s from Indiana), I offer this list of reasons why all writers—even those determined to pen the great American novel—should begin by mastering the art of article writing. Drum roll, please!

5. More markets. Did you know there are 13,000 magazines regularly published in the U.S.? Some are relatively unknown, such as Fusion, Tapestry, Youth Walk, Word Alive, The Mennonite Brethren Herald—all EPA award winners. Last year 734 new magazines were launched.

4. Displays your talent. Editors constantly scan magazines looking for fresh new voices to take on book-length assignments. (My first two books were direct results of articles.)

 3. Builds your platform. When you write regularly for a certain magazine, you build a fan base…readers who look for your byline. Those people also will look for your books.

 2. Reaches a large audience. A typical magazine has a readership in the hundreds of thousands—more when you consider the pass-along rate. A first-time book author is lucky if his publisher prints 5,000 copies of his book. Just think of the people you will reach with your Christian message.

1. No agent required! In fact, agents don’t want to represent magazine writers. Why? It’s not worth their time financially. An agent typically receives 15% of anything an author makes. Do the math. You don’t have to share!

Holly G. Miller, co-author Feature and Magazine Writing

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