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Tulips and Daffodils and Writers Conferences, Oh My!

Tulips and Daffodils and Writers Conferences, Oh My!


Writers Conferences are popping up everywhere—what’s a writer to do?


Join #FaithLitChat and get your questions answered!


Should you attend any of them?

Which one?


At what point in your writing career?

Which conference will best suit your individual needs?

And how, oh how, can you justify the expense?


#FaithLitChat, Mount Hermon Christian Writers Conference’s first-ever Twitter chat is on for Thursday, February 23rd from 6-7pm PST. Aka: TOMORROW NIGHT!

Authors James Scott Bell, Mary DeMuth and a host of Christian Publishing pros (agents and editors included) will be available to discuss conference etiquette, tips and how-tos and answer your specific publishing questions. Plus… there will be PRIZES.


Join #FaithLitChat for a chance to win!!

A 15-minute phone consultation with literary agent Barbara Scott of WordServe Literary. Pitch your project or pick her brains—the choice is yours!

A 5-10 page (double spaced) non-fiction critique by author Jan Kern of the Mount Hermon critique team.

A 20 page (double spaced) fiction critique—and a free 30 minute follow-up conversation—with novelist Ginny Yttrup.

Plus, books, books, books and more!!


If you’ve never joined a Twitter chat before, do not despair. It’s as easy as 1-2-3-4-5

1)                     Log into your Twitter account

2)                     Go to

3)                     Click Sign In (the top right corner)

4)                     Click authorize app

5)                     At the top of the screen is a box labeled Enter Hashtag to Follow, type in FaithLitChat (# sign not necessary)

**To the right of each tweet are icons for Replying and Retweeting


It’s possible #FaithLitChat will become a regular event so be sure to tune in and give us your thoughts on future topics!


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