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Mount Hermon: Where Book Writers’ Dreams Come True

Mount Hermon: Where Book Writers’ Dreams Come True

Writing dreams

by Cathy Krafve

Mount Hermon is a book writing dream come true. Do your dreams include a book? Maybe you’re wondering how to create the initial manuscript. Plus, there are the social media, marketing, platform pieces. Help!

Dreams of writing a book turn into a nightmare easily. Believe me, I understand. Some of the best book advice I received came from accomplished author, Martha B. Hook.

“Cathy, you should go to Mount Hermon. You will love it, and you’ll meet people who can help you.” My beautiful friend, Martha, is wise. I knew I would be wise, too, if I took her advice. So, I did.

2018: Year #1—My First Time at Any Writer’s Conference

My mom just died. Emotional blob best pictures me. I thought I’d curl up in a fetal position and grieve during a personal retreat at Mount Hermon.

Instead, I found myself meeting editors and publishers in fifteen-minute meetings similar to speed dating. Not that I’ve ever tried speed dating. But Mt. Hermon had to be more exhausting than speed dating even for this extrovert.

I met Tami Clymer, Inger Logelin, Steve Laube, and so many others. I have a great picture of Steve and I together editing the critique he gave my first proposal. I took his advice and went home to write a different manuscript. But first I collapsed in an exhausted, whiny heap, telling my hubby I couldn’t possibly create a book worth publishing.

2019: Year #2—My Second Time at a Writer’s Conference

I made notes ahead of time about who I wanted to meet. To prep, I noted what I wanted to learn from each person.

I met Janet McHenry and connected with Jeanette Hanscome, both of whom were guests on a show, Fireside Talk Radio this year. Credo Communications’s Karen Neumair met with me, and I begged her to be my agent; she turned me down. I met Susan K. Stewart who passed my proposals on to Deb Haggerty. Oh, and I zip-lined with Athena Holtz.

As a special heaven-sent bonus, I became a “God’s Daughter,” the name we gave a special group of friends who have been encouraging each other this past year, mainly thanks to the indomitable Susie Glennan.

I sat in on Christi McGuire’s editing class. Christi assumed I aspired to be an editor. Hahaha. My two manuscripts needed serious editing. Again, I came home feeling like my dream was too big. But this time I had the name and email address of a great editor.

By June I was ready to give up. Then, Deb Haggerty contacted me with an offer for The Well: The Art of Drawing Our Authentic Conversations (Elk Lake Publishing, March 2020 release). A week later, Tami Clymer contacted me with an offer for The Gentle Art of Companionship: Communicating Your Way to Delightful Marriage (CrossRiver Media, Fall 2020 release). And, yes, I finally convinced Karen Neumair I was a worthy risk!

All these miracles trace their source to God via Mount Hermon.

2020: Year #3—My Third Time at a Writer’s Conference

In 2020, two books will hit the marketplace with my name on the cover—although others’ fingerprints cover these two books. Both books represent a team effort. Multiple editors held me accountable for every word. Together we created a fun, content-rich experience for the reader.

Anna Krafve Pierce, frequent co-host of Fireside Talk Radio, travels with me this year. We are preparing a new book, Design! Inspiring Confidence, Creativity, and Compassion in Your Kids. Anna will have the opportunity to learn from the best and meet the people who have moved my career along. Plus, The Well may be on the tables in the conference bookstore (a personal bucket list item).

Dreams Come True: Miracles Via Mount Hermon

Can you believe it! Look what God did in two short years. Writing dreams only need a little faith, prayer, grit, and whole lot of experienced, hard-working publishing friends met at Mount Hermon.

Thank you to the team at Mount Hermon for all you’ve done the past fifty years to pull off this massive conference. Thank you for all you are doing now to get ready for 2020. I’m personally indebted to all the folks behind the scenes who make dreams happen, including Conference Director Kathy Ide and the rest of the team. I am so very grateful.

Cathy Krafve


Queen of Fun and Coffee Cup Philosopher, Cathy Krafve, delivers creativity and encouragement. Host of Fireside Talk Radio, her weekly blogs and podcasts reach more than two million listeners and readers annually. She understands companionship begins with authentic conversation. With journalistic fervor and a knack for laughter and storytelling, Cathy puts a snappy spin on deeply spiritual truths. Her audiences learn to leverage compassion and courage in order to engage in two-way conversational adventures.

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