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The Final Finale: Winter Weekends

The Final Finale: Winter Weekends

‘Ello Nascar racers! Nancy Wombeck here, giving you a live update from the Ponderosa Speedway. In most recent news, Ned Bosnack and I just said goodbye to legendary Ricky Pondy as he headed to his next national race, where he’s hoping to take home another golden trophy to add to his fire place mantel. But he was surely impressed by all you fast drivers and your creative creations! He’ll be back soon, so make sure to stay up to date with other upcoming events at the Ponderosa Speedway.

On to other news, there are plans underway for Summer 2010! Golly, summer is coming up bloody fast you know? Well, we’re excited for all that’s in store, and I think it’s going to be rather good. Here to share with us, we’ve asked one of the Mount Hermon Youth Ministry Interns to give us some of the “inside scoop” of how campers should prepare for a brilliant summer of fun at Ponderosa Lodge.¬† Here’s what they shared with us:

Things you can be doing in preparation for summer #2:

Wrap a bungee or sweatshirt around your waist to put pressure on your stomach while storing as much Jell-O as you can in your mouth (we recommend green, lime-flavored Jell-O.)¬†Then run about 10 paces and release the Jell-O into a container. Time yourself and see how much Jell-O you can unload into the container. Here’s an insider hint…the key is to fill as much of your mouth with Jell-O without gagging. That way you’ll make fewer trips back and forth.

Excellent news! Thanks so much for sharing Youth Intern! Well, you heard it from them campers, start practicing now because summer is just around the corner. I’m Nancy Wombeck, and fr0m all of us at the Ponderosa Speedway, we hope you have a fantastic holiday!

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