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Beyond the “21 Day Challenge” Bible Plan

Beyond the “21 Day Challenge” Bible Plan

So many of you who attended Ponderosa Lodge this summer have been asking for a Bible reading plan to follow up with the 21 Day Challenge.  You asked and we’ve got it!

Each day, we will post the daily passage here on the blog.  We encourage you to read each day and share your thoughts in the comments section on this blog.  We will also tweet  the daily passage through @MH_Youth and do a facebook fan page status update each day (see  There will be 6 readings each week with one day being a reflection day.  If you get behind, don’t worry about trying to catch up-just pick up at that day’s reading.

Today, we will start in Psalm 119 and then read through the book of James.  On September 12th, we are going to start a 3 month journey of reading through some key stories in the Bible.

Please share what God is teaching you.  Let’s be people who sharpen one another as we read God’s Word together!

May God bless you and transform you as you read His Word.

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