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Beyond “The 28 Day Challenge”

Beyond “The 28 Day Challenge”

Summer is coming to an end and the school year is beginning.  We only have 1 week of youth camps left at Mount Hermon so we thought it would be good time to begin our “Beyond the 28 Day Challenge” Bible reading plan.  This plan is a way for us to make camp more than just a mountain-top experience and continue in the decisions that we made during our week of camp.  Join us in the challenge by reading the assigned daily passages and, if you want, work through the following 4 steps to help you process and pray through what you’ve read.  One of the best ways to do this is to write out your response to the steps.

Step #1 :: Read
Read the assigned chapter(s) for the day.  As you read, focus on what you do understand and don’t worry about what you don’t understand.  Underline any verses that surprise, challenge, encourage, teach or move you.

Step #2 :: Write
Pick 1 of the verses that surprised, challenged, encouraged, taught or moved you and write it out.  You can even write it out using different words (make sure you keep God’s original meaning though!).  The goal is to think deeply about this one verse and answer the question, “What is God saying to me in this passage?”

Step #3 :: Pray
Respond to God’s Word by writing out 1 prayer.  Based on the verse or verses you’ve focused on, how is God asking you to respond to Him?  Do you need to confess a sin, ask Him for wisdom, praise Him for who He is or thank Him for His gifts?  This is a time to write out a simple prayer to God.

Step #4 :: Share
Choose 1 friend to share 1 truth about God that you learned today, how you feel about what you learned and what you will do differently today as a result.

Feel free to share what God is teaching you here on the blog (in the comment section) or on our Facebook page.

The Bible plan we are reading through can be downloaded by clicking here.  In this plan, we read through the Old Testament every 2 years and the New Testament every year.

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