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Hello cyber friends this is the first of many blog posts to be seen.  Let me just start by blogging to you about blogging.  We will find our blogness and eventually blog it up….. Huge!  But for now we just can’t get our blog on without a little blogedy blog so the call goes out to you.  The readers.  The “Peeps” if you will of our little community which floats around in space until you choose to point and click, drag and drop, cut and paste, view and link, or better yet respond to the great blog.  You have our commitment and so from this point on blog we will, and we will.  But for you the readers, the thinkers, the cyber patrol, the future of this country, will you respond?  Will our blogs go unread?  Will they fall on deaf ears or blind eyes.  Have you done so much computering that you have lost the will to save this thread?  I hope not.  So for those about to BLOG  we salute you.  Blog ON and Blog out.  See you in space and hopefully some day we will have real human contact.

Blogeddy blog blogo


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