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Random Thoughts with MJ

Random Thoughts with MJ

Hello Cyber-Friends

MJ here with the latest and greatest blogtastic news. “What is that you might say?”  Well let me tell you. I have just graduated with my doctorate in Blogging with an emphasis in Random Thoughts and a minor in Q&A. “What does this all mean?” Well again let me tell you. It means that every so often you will be receiving a top-notch quality blogging entry from me!  Anything from Random Thoughts to answering your questions, this blog will have it all….well at least more than Jeremy Klaniecki’s blogs.

Random thoughts…I don’t agree with automatic flushing toilets. I am a grown up. I know when to flush. Why is it that I now walk into a bathroom and everything from the toilet, soap, water and paper towels are automatic? What does this mean? Is our hygiene that poor that we need our bathroom trips to be so accommodating? That one might almost have to rebel in order to have poor hygiene? Forgive me if I am sharing to much but I believe my bone to pick with automatic bathrooms comes from a past embarrassing experience. I was caught off guard one time when I entered a stall and the toilet censor registered falsely. I jumped at the noise and the water spray that I was not expecting since I did NOT flush the toilet. I lunged forward and hit my head on the coat/purse hook on the back of the stall door, creating a loud noise followed by an “ouch”      I was hurt – my pride was hurt – I no longer enjoy automatic flushing toilets.

Dear MJ, should I bring sheets to camp or a sleeping bag, I noticed that you can bring either.
-Clueless in Carmel

Dear Carmel- this one is in the bag (pun intended) Bring a sleeping bag – here is why. #1- sleeping bags are cool. #2- you sleep in sheets all the time, branch out.  #3 – You can’t camp out on the porch in sheets.

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