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service didn’t usually involve a whole lot of fun

service didn’t usually involve a whole lot of fun

by Caitlin Taylor

I used to think that service didn’t usually involve a whole lot of fun.. But I realized the other day, when talking to a friend about it, that most of the time I really do enjoy the opportunities to serve that come my way.. Then I asked myself, “When did that change happen?” I didn’t always enjoy serving.

I thought back to a couple of summers ago, when I was about to enter sophomore year of highschool (now I’m almost done with my junior year). That summer God used various experiences to challenge me to want to serve Him. I prayed that He would change my heart so that I would have a servant’s heart. I had seen that quality lived out in so many others, and I wanted to be like that too.

Sometimes, though, when I ask for something, I forget to look for the results. That’s why, when I realized that I enjoy serving, I was so struck by it. It’s evidence of God’s work in my heart. His powerful hand is working and changing me. I definitely don’t have a perfect servant’s heart, but the knowledge that my King is at work in me brings me a lot of joy, and excitement to keep going.

I’m sure each of you has asked for something before in prayer. It’s fun to realize the answers, whether they are very subtle or tangible. It’s comforting and empowering to know that God is paying attention to every prayer.

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